Async/Await in iOS

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Concurrency plays a pivotal role in iOS app development by enabling the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks. A comprehensive grasp of concurrency is vital for creating user-friendly experiences and ensuring app stability. In this course, we delve into the latest Swift features, specifically Async/Await and Actors, showcasing their significance and practical application in modern iOS development.

As the future of concurrency in Swift, Async/Await and Actors represent a significant leap forward. This course serves as a comprehensive guide, imparting essential concepts and demonstrating practical usage of these cutting-edge features. By the course's end, you'll feel adept at integrating these advancements seamlessly into your applications.


- Xcode 13 or newer

- Familiarity with the Swift programming language (recommended)

- macOS Catalina or a later version

- Familiarity with SwiftUI (recommended)

- Enthusiasm for development and a receptive mindset

Let's explore the course curriculum:

1. Grasping Concurrent Programming

2. Initiating Async & Await (Dates App)

3. Understanding the MVVM Design Pattern

4. Implementing Dates App Using MVVM

5. Employing Functions as Async/Await Using Continuation

6. Project: News App

7. Delving into Structured Concurrency in Swift

8. Project: Random Images and Quotes

9. Exploring AsyncSequence

10. Understanding Actors


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  Understanding Concurrent Programming in iOS
Available in days
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  Getting Started with Async and Await
Available in days
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  Understanding MVVM Design Pattern
Available in days
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  Dates App - MVVM
Available in days
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  Exposing your Functions as Async/Await Using Continuation
Available in days
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  Project Time: News App
Available in days
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  Understanding Structured Concurrency in Swift
Available in days
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  Project Time - Random Images and Random Quotes
Available in days
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  Concurrent Programming: Problem and Solutions
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  What are Actors?
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This is an excellent course on Swift Concurrency. Everything is clearly explained and easy to follow. This is a hard topic and there are many resources, but I found this course cleared up a lot of confusion for me. There's a perfect amount of repetition to ensure the concepts are well understood and sink in quickly. Highly recommended!

- David Wasserman

As always Azam teaches high-level programming in a way that everyone can understand because he obviously understands it himself so he does not feel the need to hide behind syntax and theoretical concepts to hide what he does not understand himself. He is not a teacher who just learned from templates.

- Ingo Ngoyama

This course is really great to get the majority of async/await information for such a short commitment. I spent some time reading some articles and videos before, but I was not able to understand the entire picture of this new feature, but once I complete this course, I completely understand how to use async/await, what new concurrency flow is, and the concept of Actor.

- Hiroshi Tazawa

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who this course if for?

This course caters to a diverse audience, including students looking to explore the cutting-edge concurrency features within the Swift language. It also welcomes individuals with an interest in mastering modern concurrency programming techniques using Swift. Moreover, it's designed for students aspiring to gain a comprehensive understanding of the innovative Async/Await and Actor features, offering a solid foundation and practical insights into these advancements in iOS app development.

What will students learn in this course?

In this course, students will delve into various essential aspects of concurrency programming in Swift. They'll first grasp the fundamental concepts of concurrent programming, exploring how multiple tasks can run simultaneously. The course guides them through practical implementations using the new Async/Await and Actor features, showcasing their significance in enhancing app performance and stability. Students will learn to utilize these modern concurrency tools effectively, gaining hands-on experience in structuring code for concurrent execution. Additionally, they'll understand the MVVM design pattern and its application in conjunction with concurrency, empowering them to build robust and responsive iOS applications. By the course's end, students will have a comprehensive understanding of structured concurrency in Swift, mastering AsyncSequence and Actors, and acquiring the skills needed to integrate these advanced features seamlessly into their projects.

What is your refund policy?

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