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Core Data is a versatile framework designed to seamlessly persist object graphs into various storage mediums such as SQLite, XML, Binary, and In-Memory. In this course, you'll gain proficiency in integrating Core Data into your iOS applications built with the SwiftUI framework.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to Core Data and Essential CRUD Operations

2. Understanding Core Data's Foundational Components

3. Exploring Transformable Data Types

4. Implementing One-to-Many Relationships

5. Managing Many-to-Many Relationships

6. Retrieving Data from the Core Data Store

7. Utilizing the @FetchRequest Property Wrapper

8. Synchronizing Core Data with CloudKit for Data Management

9. Handling Data Migrations for Seamless Updates and Versioning

How this course benefits the student?

1. Career Boost: Mastery of Core Data enhances employability and job prospects in iOS development.

2. Efficiency: Learn to efficiently manage data, saving time and effort in app development.

3. App Quality: Develop higher-quality apps with smoother data handling and improved user experience.

4. Versatility: Gain skills to build a wide range of apps, adapting to diverse project requirements.

5. Competitive Edge: Stay ahead in the dynamic iOS development landscape with up-to-date skills.

6. Personal Growth: Enhance problem-solving abilities and foster a mindset of continuous learning and improvement.

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  Introduction to Core Data
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  Data Management with Core Data
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  Budget App - Setting Up and Adding Budget Categories
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  Budget App - Adding Expenses Relationship (One to Many)
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  Budget App - Adding Tags Relationship (Many to Many)
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  Budget App - Filtering
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  Updating Expenses
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  Core Data iCloud Integration
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  Transformable Types
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Really good explanation of Core Data. It is the only course I've found in which someone actually takes the time to explain how core data actually works, instead of dumping code on you, as Apple's documentation can be quite steril and hard to read to a beginner.

  • Andrei Mihnea Gane

Excellent course, clearly presented. The course becomes progressively more complex as it moves forward, easing you in to the world of Core Data without overwhelming you in the early stages. Even after the first couple of sections, I was able to confidently produce a sample app using Core Data; an app that I could then go back and apply later learning to. I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out in the Core Data world.

  • Steven Barnett

Mohammad Azam provides an easy to follow, yet detailed overview of understanding Core Data. Each lesson is broken down into simple steps that build off one another, to provide a good foundation of understanding and implementing Core Data into your project. Azam reinforces skills taught in previous lesson, by gently repeating the reasons behind code further along in the lessons. Each lesson uses a simple app design, so if you are a beginner you are focused on learning Core Data and not trying understand complex code. The simple app designs also help beginners learn, or re-learn new code to help with students app development learning curve. Looking forward to purchasing more courses from Mohammad Azam!

  • Bob Villa

Frequently Asked Questions

What will students learn in this course?

In this course, students will delve into the fundamentals of Core Data, mastering essential CRUD operations and gaining proficiency in managing data relationships. They will explore Core Data's building blocks, understand transformable types for complex data storage, and learn to efficiently implement various relationships, from one-to-many to many-to-many. Additionally, students will discover how to seamlessly integrate Core Data with iCloud, enabling data synchronization across devices and enhancing app functionality. By the end of the course, students will possess the skills needed to develop robust iOS applications with advanced data management capabilities.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for aspiring iOS developers looking to enhance their skills in data management and app development. It's suitable for individuals with some prior experience in iOS development who want to deepen their understanding of Core Data and integrate it effectively into their projects. Additionally, professionals seeking to update their knowledge and stay current with the latest advancements in iOS app development will also benefit from this course.

What is your refund policy?

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Mohammad Azam

Mohammad Azam is a highly experienced and accomplished developer with over a decade of professional experience in writing software. He has played an integral role in the success of several Fortune 500 companies including Valic, AIG, Dell, Baker Hughes, and, where he served as a lead mobile developer.

Azam's expertise has helped him become a top instructor on both Udemy and LinkedIn, with more than 70K students enrolled in his courses. He currently serves as a lead instructor at DigitalCrafts, a software bootcamp where he trains developers who now work at prestigious companies like Apple, JP Morgan Chase, and Exxon.

Azam is not only a developer and instructor but also an international speaker who has been sharing his knowledge and expertise since 2006. In his free time, he enjoys exercising and planning his next adventure to explore the unknown corners of the world.

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