Machine Learning in iOS Using Create ML

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Are you an iOS developer looking to harness the power of machine learning in your app development projects? Look no further! This comprehensive course, "Machine Learning in iOS Using Swift and Create ML" is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate cutting-edge machine learning models into your iOS applications using Create ML.

  • Designed for iOS developers to integrate machine learning into apps using Create ML.
  • Journey from beginner to proficient iOS machine learning developer.
  • Covers Create ML fundamentals, setup, and workflow understanding.
  • Focuses on image detection, training models, preprocessing, and integration.
  • Includes sentiment analysis for text classification and understanding.
  • Explores object detection concepts, architectures, and real-time optimization.
  • Teaches tabular data handling, preprocessing, and predictive model building.
  • Outcome: Skills to implement image, sentiment, object detection, and tabular data analysis using Create ML in iOS projects.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced iOS developers.
  • Provides a strong foundation in machine learning for intelligent app creation.
  • Enroll for harnessing Create ML potential in iOS development.

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  Image Detection - Integrating an Existing Model
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  Image Recognition Project - Cats vs Dogs
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  Sentiment Analysis Project - News
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  Object Detection - Integrating an Existing Model
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  Object Detection - Custom Models
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  Tabular Data Project: Predicting Car Prices Using Carvana Data
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Taken this instructor's courses before. Easy to understand and follow.

- Greg Ventress

 Frequently Asked Questions

What wil students learn in this course?

This course covers essential aspects of Create ML, guiding developers through setting up their iOS machine learning environment. Participants learn image detection techniques, training models for object identification and image classification. It also delves into sentiment analysis, teaching the creation of models for sentiment polarity and text classification. Exploring object detection principles, the course demonstrates training models to identify multiple objects within images. Lastly, it educates on working with tabular data, empowering developers to build predictive models for accurate classifications and predictions based on structured data.

Who is this course for?

This course caters to diverse groups, including iOS developers aiming to integrate machine learning into their app development. It also welcomes Swift developers seeking to explore and apply machine learning within iOS contexts. Additionally, students or professionals familiar with iOS development looking to expand their skill set with machine learning incorporation will find this course beneficial. Those with basic machine learning knowledge wanting to utilize Create ML specifically for iOS app development will gain valuable insights. Intermediate iOS developers seeking hands-on experience in creating and integrating machine learning models in their applications will find this course enriching. Lastly, individuals interested in staying updated with the latest iOS and machine learning advancements through Apple's Create ML framework will discover this course invaluable.

What is your refund policy?

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Mohammad Azam

Mohammad Azam is a highly experienced and accomplished developer with over a decade of professional experience in writing software. He has played an integral role in the success of several Fortune 500 companies including Valic, AIG, Dell, Baker Hughes, and, where he served as a lead mobile developer.

Azam's expertise has helped him become a top instructor on both Udemy and LinkedIn, with more than 70K students enrolled in his courses. He currently serves as a lead instructor at DigitalCrafts, a software bootcamp where he trains developers who now work at prestigious companies like Apple, JP Morgan Chase, and Exxon.

Azam is not only a developer and instructor but also an international speaker who has been sharing his knowledge and expertise since 2006. In his free time, he enjoys exercising and planning his next adventure to explore the unknown corners of the world.

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