August 17, 2024

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM CST

Discover how powerful machine learning can be with our all-inclusive workshop! Learn the craft of training models for text, picture, and data classification by delving deeply into CreateML. You will learn how to distinguish between dogs and cats, classify text and images, and analyze tabular data through interactive lessons.

Image Classification

You will start by learning how to integrate a pre-made model into your application. This model will allow you to detect thousands of common house hold items. After that you will train your own custom model to distinguish between cats and dogs. You will also learn how to integrate your model in your custom application.

Sentimental Analysis

Using the Create ML framework, you will explore the world of sentiment analysis in this section. Examine different approaches to data preparation by utilizing Create ML's built-in tools in addition to Swift Playgrounds. After completing this section, you will be able to train and integrate your own sentiment analysis model with ease. Set off on this adventure with confidence to discover the power of comprehending and interpreting sentiment!

Object Detection

You will learn how to perform object detection in Create ML. This will involve annotating the objects manually from an image using a third party tool.

Tabular Data

Explore the fascinating realm of predicting car prices using tabular data format in Create ML. Learn the essential skill of data cleaning using DataFrame, similar to Pandas in Python, to ensure your dataset is optimized for analysis. Delve into model training on a small subset of data, and seamlessly integrate your findings into an iOS application.

Mohammad Azam

Mohammad Azam is a seasoned developer with over a decade of experience, contributing to the success of Fortune 500 companies such as Valic, AIG, Dell, Baker Hughes, and as a lead mobile developer. He is also a top mobile instructor with over 80K students worldwide. Currently, Azam serves as an instructor at a coding bootcamp, where he trains developers who have subsequently secured positions at prestigious companies like Apple and JP Morgan Chase.