iOS Development Using UIKit

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Welcome to “iOS Development Using UIKit & Swift - Project Based Learning”. UIKit is still the dominant framework when building iOS applications. This course covers multiple real world projects, implemented programmatically using the UIKit framework without the use of Storyboards.

Let’s check out the course content below:

NearMe App:

You will learn how to create a MapKit application in UIKit. The app will allow you to search closest points of interest near your current location. This can be a burger joint, taco store, gas station, cafe and more. You will also learn how to display annotations on the map and even display the locations in a list. Users will be able to run the app on their physical device, get directions and even make a call to the designated place.

Budget App:

In this app, you will learn how to use Core Data to persist information locally on the user’s device. You will be building a Budgets application that will keep track of categories and the related transactions for each category.

Store App:

In this app, you will learn how to integrate a UIKit application with a JSON API. You will consume multiple endpoints of a third party api and perform GET, POST and DELETE operations. You will also learn how to inject SwiftUI views into a UIKit application and visualize UIKit controllers using Xcode previews. The app will also cover how to create a generic network layer.

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  NearMe App - Initializing Map, Requesting Permissions, Displaying User Location
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  NearMe App - Search and Display Nearby Locations
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  Budget App - Setting Up Core Data Stack and Models
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  Budget App - Adding Transactions
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  Store App - Displaying Categories
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  Store App - Displaying and Adding Products
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  Store App - Product Details and Deleting Products
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  Store App - Generic Network Layer
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Starting with a nice running App early in the course is very satisfying!

- Carlos Eduardo Jimenez Pelayo

Was a good course for me a developer who knows Swift beginner - intermediate level and wants a course just to explain uikit with real world use cases, I recommend it to anybody with the same situation as me.

- Mohammad Daoud

Frequently Asked Questions

What will you learn in this course?

In this course, students will delve into the creation of UIKit applications using Swift, focusing on programmatic approaches. They will explore the practical implementation of MapKit and Core Location for building real-world applications. Additionally, students will gain proficiency in Core Data, mastering the art of persisting data in SQLite databases and understanding the intricacies of establishing one-to-many relationships within Core Data models. Furthermore, the curriculum includes learning how to interact with JSON data from external applications, executing various operations like GET, POST, and DELETE. Lastly, students will discover the seamless integration of SwiftUI views into their UIKit applications, expanding their toolkit for creating dynamic and engaging user interfaces.

Who is this course for?

This specialized course caters to developers keen on mastering the art of constructing UIKit applications through programmatic methods, steering clear of Storyboards. It's designed for individuals eager to explore innovative techniques in iOS app development. Participants will delve into the intricacies of MapKit, Core Data, and JSON integration within the UIKit framework. Moreover, this course offers invaluable insights into merging UIKit with the SwiftUI framework, enabling students to seamlessly incorporate SwiftUI views into their UIKit-based applications—a must-have skill in modern iOS development.

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Mohammad Azam

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Azam is not only a developer and instructor but also an international speaker who has been sharing his knowledge and expertise since 2006. In his free time, he enjoys exercising and planning his next adventure to explore the unknown corners of the world.

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